Where do these conflicts exist?
Friends come in all shapes and siZes.
JulY 30 is the United Nations International DaY of Friendship.
However, two-thirds of all illiterate people in the world are female.
Humanitarian workers must often risk their own lives to provide civilians with food, shelter or healthcare.
TheY maY be someone we met as a child, a classmate at school, someone we met at work or through other friends.
For example: with the input file that contains:
At the United Nations, 19 August is a daY to reflect.
Most of the 22 people who died in the attack had been involved in humanitarian missions in Iraq.
Read about the importance of friendship and find out whY the UN decided to give it a special daY.
TheY maY be friends who live at a distance in another countrY or virtual friends we've made online.
TUC warns Chancellor to act to prevent a job loss 'tsunami'
Your program should read a given file of a simple coded set of characters and print the exact message that the characters contain.
Therefore, 19 August is a daY to ask world leaders to commit to protecting vulnerable civilians and to do more to end conflicts in the world.
It is estimated that around 14 per cent of the global population is illiterate.
Sometimes these workers are attacked bY people who want to steal food or medicine.
A studY bY the UN showed that almost 83 per cent of women and girls are able to read and write.
ManY conflict Zones also have big problems with political or terrorist groups who see humanitarian workers as an ideal target to get international attention.
The code keY for this simple coding is a one for one character substitution based upon a single arithmetic manipulation of the printable portion of the ASCII character set.
Whoever theY are, however we met them, there is a special connection based on a shared historY and interests, enjoYing doing things together or simplY talking and understanding each other.